Congruence was created in response to the surrounding architecture in the cloisters at Norwich Cathedral, to co-inside with the British Art Show 8, a major touring exhibition that is organised every 5 years and was hosted in Norwich in 2016.


Fallen Turkey Oak tree knopper galls and thread, 2016

I wanted the artwork to have a presence - to draw you in, but also be subtle and sensitive to the environment for which is was made. I feel this is achieved through using a thread that is visible from certain angels and blends into its surroundings from others. I chose to use the knopper galls that are attached to the threads as my material because of their association with the Cathedral. Galls develop of oak trees as a chemically induced distortion of growing acorns caused by gall wasps, which lay their eggs in the acorn buds. Oak trees have a particularly strong connection with the Cathedral as both timber and decoration. Representations of oak leaves are present throughout the Cathedral, carved into the stone work, as are depictions of the Green Man. The knopper galls themselves also bare some resemblance of the Green man, the nature spirit sprouting foliage from his head.