The Bacchus Award 2019
to Jan 20

The Bacchus Award 2019

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Come and see my work on display in Dorking this week at Denbies Wine Estate !

“Denbies held its first Bacchus Award Competition in 2003 and continues to be the highlight of the art gallery located on the first floor. The exhibition is then opened for one week to the public, who are also given the opportunity to choose their favourite piece.”

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Platform for Emerging Arts #13
to Feb 11

Platform for Emerging Arts #13

Leyden Gallery's forthcoming exhibition Platform for Emerging Arts #13 is a mixed media exhibition that promises a dynamic display from six talented emerging artists in one of East London's most vibrant art spaces.

Responding to a call-out for emerging art, each of the six artists has been selected for their promise and skill by curators Adriana Cerne & Lindsay Moran. Leyden Gallery has shown its astute judgment in recognising emerging talent, as their perception in the past has produced artists who have gone on to both critical acclaim and commercial success.

With the development of each of Leyden Gallery’s Platform shows there is a fabulous opportunity for the public to both see and buy art from emerging artists at a critical early stage of their careers.

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Unexpected Blessings, The Bishop's Art Prize 2016
to Apr 23

Unexpected Blessings, The Bishop's Art Prize 2016

Time Continues

"The individual pieces slot perfectly into alignment, creating a continual liner whole. The outer most points bordering the exterior of the surfaces plane like the limits of perceivable space. Each segment a fixed moment in the chain.

It is often the things that people take for granted, which turn out to be the most valuable blessings in their lives. We are all hear for just a moment, soon to be history. 

Time is the only true currency of the Earth, and it is our choice how we spend it." - Anna Louise Cox

Time Continues, Fallen mature female catkins segments and thread on paper, 2016

Photography by Jo Millington
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