Site-responsive artwork created during a week-long artist residency at Norwich Cathedral in 2015

Liminality,  fallen magnolia leaves and thread, 2015

Liminality, fallen magnolia leaves and thread, 2015

In July 2015 I took part in a week-long artist residency with three others organised by artist Christopher Minchin that accumulated in a group exhibition, Forever Building, consisting of site-specific artworks that had been created in response to the space.

The inspiration for work, Liminality, came about when I stepped outside the cathedral and picked up one of the many leaves that where scatted over the grass. The leaves I gathered were from a Magnolia tree which lives in the Cathedral grounds, behind the walls of Jesus Chapel from which the piece was installed in. I was inspired to work with this material because of the translucent stain-glass like qualities that the leaves have when held up to the sunlight and the look and texture of the browning leaves reminded me of the leather bound books I had been observing in the Cathedral library. The process of using thread to stitch each individual leaf together also felt reminiscent of the traditional craft of bookbinding.

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