Over the years I have found trees to offer me an endless source of inspiration and begun to really appreciate how truly unique every individual is. Each tree I have worked with has provided me with the raw materials to create original artworks and been the initial source of inspiration. 

“Each new material I discover, I gain new knowledge. I am no expert - I learn as I go.”

It is not only these individuals, however, who contribute to my artwork, so do countless other trees. They are the pine frames in my stretched canvases and the oak frames that surround them; the wooden handle on my paintbrush; the pages in my sketchbook; the chair that I sit on and the desk that I work at. They provide the air that I breath; the beautiful landscapes that surround me and are homes to millions of other forms of life.

“I work with all kinds of trees - not just the magnificent ones.”

Most of the trees that I have worked with occupy public spaces around the UK. Each day many are casually passed-by, unnoticed by people, as they blend into our everyday environment. With there slow pace of life and longer lifespans to our own - living through generations - they are witnesses to our Changing Landscapes. 



I have provided Google Maps locations of all the trees that I have worked to date as I feel it is important to share their locations with you so we are all able to marvel and better appreciate them together.


Number of trees planted

For every artwork sold, part of the profits are donated to plant new trees in the Scottish Highlands to help support the restoration of the Caledonian Forest.